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Exercise 7.1: Cascading

Again the oracle database is used, this implies that the data is persisted, it is not necessary to drop the tables after the exercise completes, the tables are re-used in exercise 7.2 and will be removed when undeploying exercies 7.3.

I have added some printing and pauses to enable studying the databse using the object browser.

Exercise 7.2: Inverse relationships

This exercise depends on the tables generated in exercises 7.1

It has to be noted that with oracle / toplink the inverse relationship is only updated via the database when explicitly indicated to do so. Else the cached value will still be used. This can be done by performing a refresh on the entity inside a transaction.

Exercise 7.3: Inverse relationships

Deploying will yield warnings in the server log as the tables alredy exist, these warnings can be ignored. The tables will be removed when undeploying the application.

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